LISTEN: John Carlson Show, May3--7am hour

Critical Race Theory.png
KVI's John Carlson digs into several stories regarding Critical Race Theory and how two U.S. states are pushing back on the training and classroom curriculum. (photo: Wiki Commons)

7am hour -- more examples of pushback, pushback on Critical Race Theory, ID governor signs law to prohibit CRT school curriculum, FL governor speaks out about signing a similar law there, the Catch-22 of CRT and how it usually finds a racial motive in any action by a white person, consider CRT and the racial implications of the recent Columbus OH fatal police shooting of 16 yr old Ma'Khia Bryant, will Gov. Jay Inslee today re-arrange his metrics to prevent 13 counties for reverting backwards to Phase 2 business capacity restrictions?, one liberal city installs a mask mandate in outdoor locations--including if you've been vaccinated, the Bend OR coffee house refusing to follow indoor mask mandate allowing customers and employees to make it optional, no cases of COVID have been tied to this defiant coffee house.

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