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The media and political battle commences for I-2117

I-2117 campaign for WA voters

Washington voters will decide the fate of I-2117 on the November 5th general election ballot. I-2117 will ask voters to keep or reject Gov. Jay Inslee’s all-encompassing Climate Commitment Act (CCA), which is grounded in a “cap and invest” permit auction to emit carbon fossil fuels in the state.

By most accounts, the CCA, raises about $2 billion a year from oil companies that have to pay for the permits. And critics say the permit costs are passed along to drivers at the gas pump as well as grocery store check stands.  Delivery trucks that carry food and all the other items to stores are burdened with the higher price of gas so anything that needs to be transported by truck in Washington will likely have that cost passed along to the consumer by the business retailer.

KVI’s John Carlson interviewed the environmental policy director for the Washington Policy Center, Todd Myers, to examine how the political battle over I-2117 will be waged in news and media reports. To hear that interview, click the play button below.

Carlson and Myers discuss this new article about I-2117. Myers says you should believe Gov. Jay Inslee’s one advisor in 2014 for what will happen with the “cap and invest” law that is going to voters in the form of I-2117.



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