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SeaTac Airport terminal blocked by Gaza protesters, 46 arrested

Sea Tac International Airport

KVI’s John Carlson cues up the local news coverage of yesterday’s coordinated blockade of the Seattle Tacoma International Airport terminal drive-way by activists protesting the US support of Israel in its military response to Hamas’s October 7th attack on civilians and concertgoers.

Click the play button below to hear the commentary and reaction to the blockade by Gaza activists. See the embedded posts below for an explanation of the airport blockade which was intended to punish Boeing for its military sales to Israel.

Carlson believes the blockade preventing travelers and workers from reaching the airport will backfire on the Gaza activists. “The net result of all this,” concludes Carlson, “is just one more reason why Americans are thinking, ‘Ya know, I’m getting tired of this (blocking roads, bridges, airports). Maybe I should just vote for Trump.'”

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