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WA worst in the nation for retail theft per capita

Stores locking shelves over shoplifting crimes

Shoplifters in Washington have largely avoided prosecution over the last 10 years in Seattle but new Seattle City Attorney, Ann Davison, is taking a different approach to the very prevalent crimes compared to her predecessor. KVI’s John Carlson interviews Davison about how her office is prosecuting shoplifting compared to prior city attorney, Pete Holmes.

To hear the KVI interview, click the play button below.

“Sadly we are highest in the country now as a state per capita” for retail theft, says Davison. “And I think that is culminated from the decade prior of low enforcement of that criminal activity.”

Davison says she is focusing on repeat offenders when it comes to theft and property crimes because aggregated charges can be elevated into felonies for those continuing to break the law in Seattle.


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