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John Carlson
John Carlson
Commute with Carlson 5am – 9am
John Carlson is synonymous with Washington State Politics. Simply put, he is THE conservative voice in Seattle. John is the premiere analyst, political strategist and one of the most successful talk radio hosts in America and now, he’s heard daily on Talk Radio 570 KVI, weekday mornings 5 to 9am.

No, this isn’t John’s first tour of duty on KVI. He first sat behind the KVI microphone in 1993 and has informed, persuaded and entertained KVI faithful on and off for nearly 2 decades.

John also does commentary on KOMO Newsradio three times daily.

Before radio, he was a television commentator on KIRO-TV (CBS) for seven years, for KCTS-TV (PBS) and has written a newspaper column for 18 years. John graduated in 1981 with a B.S. in Political Science Honors Program at the University of Washington. He is listed as one of the University’s 100 most influential alumni of the 20th century.

In politics, John has led three successful statewide initiatives, including America's first "Three Strikes, You’re Out" ballot measure in the early 90's. Violent crime tumbled by nearly 30% in the decade after its passage. John worked briefly in the Reagan Administration in the early ‘80’s before serving as Communications Director for Republican Washington State Chairman Jennifer Dunn.

In the 80's and 90's, John founded and led a successful think tank, The Washington Policy Center, which has received praise from several Presidents and Governors in both political parties for the quality and influence of its work.

John and his wife Lisa have two sons, live in Bellevue and are active in several civic and charitable causes. He enjoys movies, hiking and mountain climbing, and rides Harley Davidsons.

Want some LOCAL conservative talk on the drive to work? It’s the Commute with Carlson 5-9am, only on Talk Radio 570 KVI.

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