Saluting our heroes

Saluting our heroes

The cost of freedom is great.

The liberties we enjoy are the result of sacrifice, courage and commitment from the men and women of the Armed Forces, past and present. May 1st marks the start of National Military Appreciation Month and we invite you to join us as we honor the contributions and dedication of our troops.

Call 206-404 FLAG (3524) and leave a message of support and gratitude for a member of our Armed Services. You can direct your message to a specific individual if you’d like, or to ALL the men and women of the military to whom we’re so grateful. What’s more, if you’re IN the military, call us at 206-404-FLAG and leave your message for friends and family back home

Be listening to 570 KVI – we’ll use as many of these on the air as we can. At the risk of being too forward, we ask you to do this NOW. Please don’t wait - don’t assume “someone else” will do it. A hero needs to hear from YOU… now.

Here’s another great way to salute our soldiers: pass along a photo of a family member or friend currently serving our country, or, whose prior service you wish to commemorate. We’ll share these pictures on our Wall of Heroes here at

Link to submit photos: Submit

“Thank you,” is insufficient, but it’s a start. Please join Talk Radio 570 KVI as we honor our heroes.