Tom & Marina's Question Impossible

Tom & Marina's Question Impossible

At 7:10am Tom & Marina will ask a “Question Impossible.”  This is typically a trivia question on topics ranging from relationships to jobs, family life to pop culture, and everything in between. The first caller to correctly identify the answer is the winner and will be awarded with a prize pack.'

Weds. 11/23

Q: A new survey shows 34% of us admit we have done THIS at least once with a Thanksgiving turkey...what is it?

A:  Taken a picture of it!

Tues. 11/22

Q:  If you go home for the holidays, there is a 1 in 3 chance you will end up doing this...what is it?

A: You will sleep in your old room!

Mon. 11/21

Q: When you treat yourself to are paying a markup of around 900%...what is it?

A: Movie theater popcorn!

Fri. 11/18

Q: 48% of people admit to doing this in church, although they admit they shouldn't...what is it?

A: Mouth the words to the songs!

Thurs. 11/17

Q: There are so many things we SAY we are going to do in life...according to a new survey, 58 percent of people say THIS was their biggest life regret...what is it?

A: Not learning to play a musical instrument!

Weds. 11/16

Q: Believe it or not, no matter how great it was, 1 in 3 people simply cannot remember THIS...what is it?

A: What they got for Christmas last year!

Tues. 11/15

Q: This item is used more on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year...what is it?

A: A plunger!

Mon. 11/14

Q: We've told you before about people hiding money in their freezer...but a new survey finds nearly 1 in 5 people say THIS is their favorite place to hide money...where is it?

A: In their shoes!

Fri. 11/11

Q: No matter where they go or what is on their plate, 74% of people do this every time they eat...what is it?

A: Salt their food!

Thurs. 11/10

Q: You would think ALL women like to cuddle with their man...but a new survey shows nearly a THIRD don't like to because of THIS...what is it?

A: He has bad breath!

Wed. 11/9

Q:  According to a recent survey, no matter WHAT their economic situation is, most people plan to do THIS this holiday season...what is it?

A: Buy their pet a gift!

Tues. 11/8

Q: Ladies...if you are looking to meet someone to go out with, keep this in mind: 1 in 4 men recently surveyed say the would NEVER date a woman who had more than one of these...

A:  More than one cat!

Mon. 11/7

Q: 25 years ago, the average person had at least 3 of might be surpised to find, we now have two OR LESS...what is it?

A: Close friends!

Fri. 11/4

Q:  A new study finds 15 percent of women say the won't go to the gym because of THIS...what is it?

A: They aren't in shape!

Thurs. 11/3

Q: A new study finds a third of Americans don't like it when THIS happens while they are eating...

A: When the food touches!

Wed. 11/2

Q:  This might seem really strange, but according to a recent medical study, the taller you are, the less likely you will be allergic to THIS...what is it?

A: Grass!

Tues. 11/1

Q:  As parents, we try to teach our kids honesty, but a study finds 9 out of 10 parents will do THIS over the next two weeks...what is it?

A: Steal some of their kids' Halloween candy!

Mon. 10/31

Q:  As you gorge on candy...beware that THIS will happen to about 4 percent of people because of Halloween...

A: Lose a filling!

Fri. 10/28

Q: A new study shows that 1 in 5 of us has lost THIS while on vacation...what is it?

A: A tooth!

Thurs. 10/27

Q: A recent study shows THIS is the filthiest surface you might touch while out and about...and its NOT ATM's or elevator buttons...

A: The gas pump!

Wed. 10/26

Q: Looking for dating advice? A recent study shows THIS place has topped the list of most inappropriate places to flirt...

A:  A hospital waiting room!

Tues. 10/25

Q:  If you are like the rest of will do this 5 times today, on average. Generally you'll do this when you are by yourself...

A: Talk to yourself!

Mon. 10/24

Q:  Even though they thought it was a great idea at the time, 44 percent of men recently surveyed say they wish they hadn't done THIS...

A:  Been in the delivery room when their child was born!

Fri. 10/21

Q:  A recent study shows that before a man even speaks a word...the way he does THIS accounts for over 80% of a woman's first impression...what is it?

A: The way he stands!

Thurs. 10/20

Q:  Looking to lower your stress level? A recent study finds just smelling THESE can ease your tensions by 13 percent...

A: Apples!

Wed. 10/19

Q: A recent survey finds half of all Americans live within 50 miles of this place...what is it?

A: Where they were born!

Tues. 10/18

Q: A recent poll finds that a third of women tend to be suspicious about THIS otherwise nice thing their man does for them...what is it?

A: Random gifts!

Mon. 10/17

Q: Guys have been known to come to blows when they feel strongly about something. A recent study finds the #1 cause of fist fights is over a woman...but what is the second biggest cause of a physical altercation?

A: A fight over a parking space!

Fri. 10/14

Q: Getting up and going can be tough as it is...and now a new survey finds THIS to be the one thing most likely to put you in a bad mood in the morning...what is it?

A: Spilling food or coffee on your clothes!

Thurs. 10/13

Q: There's no doubt we are a pet-loving can see that by the amount of time and money we spend on our pets, so it might be hard to believe that a recent survey shows there is one thing 60 percent of dog owners never do...what is it?

A: Take them for a walk!

Weds. 10/12

Q: According to a recent survey of workers, 38 percent said THIS was one of the most awkward things they could do with their boss...

A: Going to a movie!

Tues. 10/11

Q: The average life span of this item is about 50 years...yet nearly 400-thousand homes don't have one...

A: A toilet!

Mon. 10/10

Q: Just how tired are you when you head to work...a recent survey shows almost half of us have gone to work wearing one of THESE...what is it?

A: A price tag!

Fri. 10/7

Q:  Surprisingly, a recent survey shows 6 percent of men admit they don't know THIS about their partner...

A:  Their birthday!

Thurs. 10/6

Q:  Just over half of people recently surveyed say at some point they have forgotten THIS while running errands...

A: Where they parked their car!

Weds. 10/5

Q: Even though its probably not too cool to do this, a recent survey shows over a third of women still hang on to this...

A: Their ex's phone number!

Tues. 10/4

Q:  There can be a lot of annoyances while shopping with a spouse or partner...a recent survey shows 12% of people have had to do THIS while on a shopping trip...what is it?

A: Have them paged on the loudspeaker!  

Mon. 10/3

Q: Women can count on their friends for a lot of things...a recent survey shows most women believe they can count on their best friends to do THIS for them...what is it?

A: Break the law!


Fri. 9/30

Q: It makes sense that the most borrowed items in America are books...but according to this recent study, THIS comes in second as the thing we borrow most from others.

A: Jumper cables


Thurs. 9/29

Q: Ladies - even if you think you are as good at or better than your man at will take you 20 seconds longer than him to do it...what is it?

A: Parallel park


Wed. 9/28

Q: It may sound sexist, but a recent survey shows 70 percent of women say that any guy who calls himself a 'REAL MAN' better be able to do this...what is it?

A: Change a tire!


Tues. 9/27

Q: A recent survey of singles shows THIS matters MOST before a first date...what is it?

A: Fresh breath!



Fri. 9/23

Q: Even though 92% of Americans SAY they do this...a recent study finds in reality, only 75% actually do it...what is it?

A: Wash their hands after they use the bathroom


Thurs. 9/22

Q: According to a recent study, 350 million people around the world have played this game since it came out in 2009. What game?

A: Angry Birds


Wed. 9/21

Q: Believe it or not, nearly a third of men recently surveyed admit to doing THIS when it comes to taking a shower...what is it?


Tues. 9/20

Q: When it comes to dating, a recent study finds it takes just over a dozen dates before a new couple will do this...what is it?

A: Trade house keys!


Mon. 9/19

Q: According to a recent survey, some of the top things people say they could not live without include a fridge and a good Internet connection...what was the number one thing?



Fri. 9/16

Q: According to a recent survey, some of the top things people say they could not live without include a fridge and a good Internet connection...what was the number one thing?

A: Wear makeup!


Thurs. 9/15

Q: According to a recent survey, some of the top things people say they could not live without include a fridge and a good Internet connection...what was the number one thing?

A: Facebook!


Wed. 9/14

Q: While many of us admit to giving our car a name...a recent survey shows a third of drivers admit they've done this with their vehicle...what is it?

A: Gave it affection (patting the dashboard or steering wheel) and showed it praise!


Tues. 9/13

Q:Even though we tell ourselves we love THIS little luxury when we stay elsewhere...only 21% of us do it every day at home...what is it?

A: Make the bed!


Mon. 9/12
Q: Nearly 1 in 5 people admit they do THIS when they go to a friend's house...

A: Look behind the shower curtain!


Fri. 9/9

Q: According to a recent survey, 82% of married men do not know this about their wife...even if they've been together for years...what is it?

A: Their weight!


Thurs. 9/8

Q:  According to a recent survey of single men, 75% of them say the have made this blunder on a dinner date...what is it?

A: Ordered first! 


Wed. 9/7

Q: Nearly 1 in 5 of us will avoid doing THIS for fear of being scolded...what is it? What is it?

A: Going to the dentist!


Tues. 9/6

Q: A new study shows 18% of us will in-advertently do THIS when getting dressed this morning. What is it?

A: Put their underwear on inside-out!


Fri. 9/2

Q: A new study shows THIS will be the main topic of conversation tpday for about a third of women at work... what is it?

A: What to have for lunch!


Thurs. 9/1

Q: Ever since the economy took a nose dive, sales of THIS women's item has increased 57%...what is it?

A: Fingernail polish!


Wed. 8/31

Q: With Labor Day weekend just around the corner, a recent study shows just over a third of Americans will end up doing this... What is it?

A: Working!


Tues. 8/30 

According to this survey of happily married couples, they are most likely to go the distance because of how they got together...what is it?

A: They were introduced by their moms!


Mon. 8/29

Q: When it comes to a woman's wardrobe, you can easily say this regarding about 25% of it. What is it?

A: They don't wear it!


Fri. 8/26

Q: Think about your morning habits... a recent study shows the average prson does THIS twice per morning... What is it?

A: Hit the snooze button!


Thurs. 8/25

Q: A new survey of moms shows nearly 1 in 4 would choose a new one of these if they had the chance... what is it?

A: A Husband


Wed. 8/24

Q: A new survey shows 13 percent of people ADMIT they  do this when they don't want to be bothered by other people...what is it?

A: Pretend to talk on their cell phone!


Tues. 8/23

Q: Even though we probably don't want to admit it, just about 1 in 10 of us do THIS at work at least once a month...what is it?

A: Cry!


Mon. 8/22

Q: A recent survey shows just over half of men and nearly 2/3's of women say they were really 'into someone' until THIS happened...what is it?

A: The first kiss!


Fri. 8/19

Q: Even though we all have a daily routine, according to a recent study, nearly 30% of people will comlpetely forget to do THIS today... what is it?

A: Put on deodorant!


Thurs. 8/18

Q: A recent survey shows 1 in 5 women say no matter what happens in their life, they will never part with this...what is it?

A: Their wedding dress!


Wed. 8/17 

Q: According to a recent survey, men say this is the top status symbol they could have...what is it?

 A: A family!


Tues. 8/16

Q: Go to a friend's house, a neighbor or a family their freezer and there's a 17% chance you'll find THIS unusual item...what is it?

A: Money!


Mon. 8/15

Q: A new study finds on average, most married couples have been known to go without THIS for 4 days...what is it?

A: Kissing!


Fri. 8/12

Q: According to a recent survey, guys say this is the top thing that women could do to ruin watching a sports game at home...what is it?

A: Serve Healthy Food


Thurs. 8/11

Q: A new survey reveals that over two-thirds of people have no problem doing this while on vacation...but         NOT when they are at home...

A: Order dessert while dining out!


Wed. 8/10

Q: Today's Question Impossible: According to new research, Americans could earn 20% more per hour in their jobs by doing this...

A: Learning to speak another language.


Tues. 8/9


Q: According to a recent survey, men say the average age for this is 58...while women say the average age for it is 29...what is it?

A: When you feel old!


Mon. 8/8

Q: Depending on the woman... you may or may not surprised to hear that 3 percent of women actually buy THIS for themselves...what is it?

A: An engagement ring!


Fri. 8/5

Q: When it comes to personal hygiene, a new study shows, unbelievably 1 in 5 Americans do this on a regular basis...what is it?

A: Wear dirty underwear!


Thurs. 8/4

Q: Nearly 6 out of 10 people say they have actually lied about THIS so they will be liked by someone else...what is it?

A: Liking a musical group or a song!


Wed. 8/3

Q: According to a recent survey, over half of Americans intend to do this... yet so far this year, only 1 in 10 have done it... what is it?

A: Go on a 'real vacation'!


Tues. 8/2

Q: A recent survey shows 17% of dog owners admit they let their dogs do THIS, even though its kind of dangerous...what is it?

A: Let the dog sit in their lap while they drive!


Mon. 8/1

Q: A hundred-fifteen years ago, ALL of these were men...NOW only 3% of males do this...what is it?

A: Cheerleaders!


Fri. 7/29

Q: Other than cellphone use and texting...nearly 20 percent of people have gotten into a car accident because they were doing this...what is it?

A: Picking their nose!


Thurs. 7/28

Q: Even though their kids might find it a source of embarrassment, 77 percent of parents will do THIS in front of them anyway ...what is it?

A: Sing one their kids' favorite songs!


Wed. 7/27

Q: Guys...listen up! 97 percent of women recently surveyed say THIS is a date ending turn-off...what is it?

A: Seeing a guy's dirty bathroom!


Tues. 7/26

Q: A recent survey shows nearly HALF of people say THIS was their favorite thing to play with as a kid...what is it ?

A: A cardboard box!


Mon. 7/25

Q:  According to a recent survey, besides more money, what is the best perk employers can offer their employees?

A: Free food!


Thurs. 7/7

Q: As you drive to work or run errands today...18 percent of you will have this happen...and chances are you will ignore it...what is it?

A: Your 'low-fuel' light will come on!


Wed. 7/6

Q: When it comes to the family dog...60% of all kids have done THIS at least once...what is it?       

A: Ate the dog's food!


Tues. 7/5

Q:  Researchers have found this ONE THING has proven to make us nicer, makes us want to help others AND we are more likely to answer survey questions from researchers...what is it?

A: Sunshine!


Thurs. 6/30

Q: Did you know 38 percent of all arguments between WOMEN occur in THIS place...where is it?

A: Garage sales!



Wed. 6/29

Q: Question Impossible: 8 out of 10 women say they would enjoy wearing their swimsuit more if it wasn't for THIS...what is it?

A: Other women!


Tues. 6/28

Q:  According to a recent survey, the top three things that annoy people at the beach the most are smokers, loud kids, and THIS...what is it? 

A: People who wear inappropriate bathing suits!


Mon. 6/27

Q: Most people think of their pets as a member of the family...according to a recent survey, one out of four of us have done this at least once ...what is it?

A: Tasted their pet's food!


Fri. 6/24

Q: There's no shortage of things Human Resource managers have to deal with...seems 75% of them have had to deal with complaints about this...what is it?

A: A stinky employee!



Thurs. 6/23


Q: Seems we'll do anything for our beloved pets...according to a recent study, dog owners spend more than $1 billion dollars per year addressing this problem...what is it?

A: Addressing anxiety and fear issues!



Wed. 6/22

Q: According to a recent survey, 25% of people say THIS thing they did when they were younger is one of the biggest regrets of their life...what is it?

A: Getting a tattoo!


Tues. 6/21

Q: While we all brush our teeth either in the morning or at night...4% of us have this in common when it comes to our dental habits ...what is it? (CLUE: has to do with WHERE we brush our teeth...)

A: Brush in the shower!


Mon. 6/20

Q: Believe it or not...95 percent of men have done THIS while talking to a woman...what is it?

A: Sucked in their stomach!


Fri. 6/17

Q: Father's Day is right around the corner...according to a recent survey, 1 out of 5 dad's secretly want THIS luxury from their family...what is it?

A: A boat!


Thurs. 6/16

Q. Most of us do this everyday...yet a new study shows 1 in 5 of us really shouldn't...what is it?   A: Drive!     Wed. 6/15

Q: A new survey shows almost half of all women leave THIS place extremely frustrated...what is it?

A: A dressing room!


Tues. 6/14

Q: A recent survey of men found most won't kiss a woman after a date if she has this...what is it?

A:  Has too much or too bright lipstick!


Mon. 6/13

Q: According to a recent survey, it takes each of us, on average, seven minutes to do this. What is it?

A: Go to sleep!


Fri. 6/10

Q: We are getting into vacation season...a recent poll shows 7 out of 10 dog owners actually do this while enjoying a get-a-way...what is it?

A:  Call and talk to their dog!


Thurs. 6/9

Q:  Over half of women recently polled say they hate it when their husband or boyfriend does THIS in the kitchen while they are cooking...what is it?

A: Dips his finger what she's cooking!


Wed: 6/8

Q: 16 percent of people say they do this RIGHT after being fired from their job...what is it?   A: Defriend their boss on facebook!  

Tues: 6/7 

Q: A recent study by the car insurance industry reveals accidents near beach areas rise by 25% in the summer because of this...what is it?   A: Getting distracted by girls in bikinis!


Mon: 6/6

Q: Two thirds of people say their sunny day will be ruined if THIS happens to them...what is it?

A: They break their favorite sunglasses!


Fri: 6/3

Q: Whether they intend to use it or not...a recent survey found over 25% of women have THIS with them at all times...usually in the car or office...what is it?   A: Their gym bag!     Thurs. 6/2

Q: According to a recent survey...40 percent of guys say they will NOT ask a woman out again if she does THIS on the first date...what is it?

A: If she snorts when she laughs!


Wed. 6/1

Q: Read a romance novel lately? The #1 profession of male characters in these books turns out to be doctor...what's the #2 profession?

A: Cowboy!


Tues. 5/31

Q: A recent survey shows that a third of divorced women say THIS is when they first knew something was wrong with their marriage...what is it?
  A: Their wedding!  

Mon. 5/30

Q: A recent survey found that 4 out of 5 women tend to get annoyed by this EVERYDAY...but keep going back for more...what is it?
    A: What their friends post on Facebook!


Fri. 5/27

Q: 6 out of 10 women (that's almost twice as many as men) admit they have done this to someone at work...what is it?

A: Peaked at their co-worker's paycheck!


Thurs. 5/26

Q: We are knee-deep into spring allergy season...did you know studies show doing THIS can boost your immune system by up to 40 percent...what is it?

  A: Kissing!  

Wed. 5/25

Q: A new study shows that over half of Americans say being called THIS is actually a complement...what is it?   A: A geek! May 25th is National Geek Pride Day!  

Tues. 5/24

Q: One out of ten men have actually been told they look like this...what is it?
  A: Their pet!  

Mon. 5/23

Q: Obviously we all have a fridge, microwave, and stove in our kitchens...but 93 percent of us also have THIS...what is it? A: A junk drawer!  

Thurs. 5/12


Q: 3 out of 4 people say THIS behavior by others is so annoying it has caused them to want to scream in public...what is it?

A: Lack of cell phone etiquette!


Wed. 5/11


Q: At one point, men were ridiculed for carrying one of these in its totally acceptable...what is it?

A: An umbrella!


Tues. 5/10


Q: THIS action is taking 'micro-managing' a bit too far...17% of bosses admit they have actually done this to an employee...what is it?

A: Driven to an employee's house who called in sick just make sure they were actually sick!


Mon. 5/09


Q: Even if they have NEVER done this before...62% of people claim they know how...what is it?

A: Change a tire!


Fri. 5/06


Q: It may not be immediately obvious to others...but 93% of women say THIS body part is unattractive...what is it?

A: Their armpits!


Thurs. 5/05


Q: THIS particular action has been compared to how often we open the refrigerator door, which by the way on average is about 22 times per day...what is this thing we do over and over each day?

A: Check our Facebook!


Wed. 5/04


Q:  Guys...sometimes its obvious when your relationship is over...othertimes, not so much! THIS is the number one sign she is about to break up with you...what is it?

A: She stops texting you the little stuff!


Tues. 5/03


Q: A recent survey of women reveals at least 8 percent of them say this uncomfortable thing has happened to them during a job interview...what is it?

A: They got hit on!


Mon. 5/02


Q: People call in sick for all kinds of reasons (I was attacked by a chicken, my foot's been caught in a garbage disposal)...according to a recent survey, 4% of Americans have called in sick because of this...what is it?

A: They didn't want to deal with traffic! (face the commute to work)


Fri. 4/29

Q: Celebrities are always getting their photos taken...whether they like it or not...a new study shows about 15 percent of Americans get their photo taken here...what is it?

A: Jail!


Thurs. 4/28


Q: We've all heard recently about things we touch every day that contain more germs than a toilet seat...such as ATMs and elevator buttons...there's another item you put your hands on each day that's dirtier than the commode...what is it?

A: Your steering wheel!

Wed. 4/27


Q: People do a lot of strange things in a dark movie fact, 51% of women say they do this when the lights go down...what is it?

A: Take their shoes off!


Tues. 4/26


Q: 2 out of 10 hiring managers say if you do this ONE thing when looking for a have a better shot at getting the job than the other applicants...what is it?

A: Send a thank-you note after the interview!


Mon. 4/25

Q: When it comes to shopping...women tend to do this WAY more then men...what is it?

 A: Try things on!


Fri. 4/22

Q: There's a lot of things about marriage we simply don't see coming...turns out nearly 40 percent of married women say they regret doing this?

 A: Taking her husband's last name!


Thurs. 4/21


Q:  Turns out men like to hear "you're funny" when they get a compliment...according to a recent survey, what is the number one compliment a woman wants to hear?


A: Nice smile!


Wed. 4/20


Q:  A third of men recently surveyed say they would rather wear lipstick for a day if it meant avoiding THIS...what is it?

A: Gaining weight! (30 pounds or more)


Tues. 4/19


Q:  According to a recent survey, more than HALF of us admit to doing this with a cell phone...what is it? 

A: Using it while in the bathroom!


Mon. 4/18


Q:  2 out of 10 new parents admit they have actually done this for their children...before they were even born...what is it?

A: Set up a facebook account for them!


Fri. 4/15

Q: Women are twice as likely to make this mistake as men...but sometimes they do it on purpose when they are desperate ...what is it?

A: Going into the wrong restroom!


Thurs. 4/14


Q: A recent poll shows the top male body flaws guaranteed to make women run for the hills includes jagged toenails, yellow teeth, and THIS...what is it?

A: Hairy toes that burst from sandals!


Wed. 4/13


Q: Health experts say we should do this WAY more often...but just over a third of us only do this cleaning task once a month...if at all...what is it?

A: Sanitize our trash cans!


Tues. 4/12


Q: Nearly a third of us have at least one of these laying around in a drawer...and chances are it's been there for YEARS...what is it?

A: A souvenir t-shirt from a vacation or concert!


Mon. 4/11


Q: Turns out the fastest growing cosmetic surgery for men is a facelift...but surgery on THIS body part is number 2...what is it?

A: Ears!


Fri. 4/8

Q: As parents, we make a lot of sacrifices for our fact, a new survey shows HALF of parents say they have made financial cutbacks to allow their teenage kid to do THIS...what is it? 

A: Drive!


Thurs. 4/7


Q: You may have heard about that recent study that showed women can handle a hammer better than men...turns out half of women say they are ALSO better at THIS than their husband...yet still expect them to do it...what is it?

A: Cutting the grass!


Wed. 4/6

Q: With the technology we have at our would seem like this doesn’t happen much anymore...but it turns out 25 percent of us made this very mistake in the past week...what is it?

A: Dialed a wrong number!


Tue. 4/5

Q: Whether you have a fully stocked emergency kit in your car... or just a band-aid...turns out...55 percent of us always say we keep THIS item in our car...what is it?

A: A roll of toilet paper! 


Mon. 4/4

Q: So it turns out that even though most of us spend time and sometimes money to rid ourselves of this, a recent study shows the more you have, the smarter you are. What is it?

A: Body hair!


Fri., 4/1
Q: When we start dating someone, it usually takes awhile to get totally comfortable around them. Turns out, according to a recent survey, the average woman will wait almost 90 days before she'll do this in front of her boyfriend. What is it?
A: Not wear makeup!

Thurs., 3/31
Q: So, even though women say they never want this to happen to them, A recent survey shows 48% of women say they are freaked out because they think they're letting it happen anyway. What is it?
A: They are turning into their mothers!

Wed., 3/30
Q: According to a recent study, if you have this you're more likely to make better decisions. What is it?
A:  A full bladder!

Tues., 3/29
Q: Over half of shoppers looking for a bargain actually managed to get things for free by using this one simple technique. What is it?
A:  Flirt!

 Mon., 3/28
Q: Ladies - relationship experts say your body language is key when you're having an argument with your partner. Don't cross your arms, tap your foot or roll your eyes. Instead they say you should do this during a disagreement.What is it?
A:  Stand with your hands in your pockets! (it diffuses the situation)

Fri., 3/25
Q: Listen up Guys: researchers say when you do this while on a date with a woman, she can misinterpret it as the cold shoulder. What is it?
A: A sideways glance!

Thurs., 3/24
Q: Guys today say the would never do this, but turns out nearly 3/4 of men say back in the 80's and 90's they proudly did. What is it?
A: Wore their hair in a mullet!

Wed., 3/23
Q: When many of us became parents, we found ourselves mimicing the way our own parents handled discipline. In fact, 40 percent of us say we do this when punishing our children
A: Call them by their full name!

Tues., 3/22
Q: Women tend to be jealous of a friend because of her clothes or great boyfriend. Turns out 55 percent of men say they have been jealous of a friend because of this. What is it?
A: The size of his TV!

Mon., 3/21
Q: 1 in 3 workers say they would gladly take a cut in pay if they could just do this. What is it?
A: Bring their pet to work!

Thurs., 3/17
Q: 90 percent of people say this used to be cool to do, but now its just an inconvenience! What is it?
A: Listen to voicemail messages!

Wed., 3/16
Q: Guys, listen up! According to a recent survey, 1 out of 3 women say if you where this on a first date, it will be the last. What is it?
A: A bow tie!

Tues., 3/15
Q: A recent survey of guys shows that over half of them admit to pretending to like this in order to avoid a fight with their woman. What is it?
A: Her pet!

Mon., 3/14
Q: Believe it or not, 1 out of 3 guys let their woman help them with this bit of 'manscaping'. What is it?
A: Pluck their eyebrows!

Fri., 3/11
Q:  This may be the strangest QI so far,but according to experts, if your spouse is ticked off at you just do this!
A: Cook them fish! (no one knows why - but it works!)


Thurs., 3/10
Q:  Most men would do anything for their wives or girlfriends, but according to a recent poll, 1 out of 4 men absolutely refuse to do this no matter what. What is it?
A: Dance

Wed., 3/9
Q:  There's a lot of things our neighbors do to tick us off, but according to a recent survey, this is the number one thing. What is it?
A: Park in front of your house!

Tues., 3/8
Q:  In a recent survey of moms, turns out 92 percent say this the one thing makes them very happy. What is it?
CLUE: Has to do with what mom finally gets
A: She gets to sleep!

Mon., 3/7
Q:  A recent survey of married women shows this is the one thing they wish their man's mother had taught him. What is it?
A: How to load the dishwasher!

Fri., 3/4
Q: A recent survey shows nearly 70 percent of all dentists say they've had to help a patient who tried to do this. What is it?
A: Fix their own teeth with super glue!

Thurs., 3/3
Q: If you're at work take a look around. A recent survey shows 1 in 4 people say this action is perfectly acceptable at work. What is it?
A: Hugging a co-worker!

Wed., 3/2
Q: A recent survey shows this is something women used to do before they had kids,but once they have them, they really don't do it much anymore. What is it?
A: Get their hair done !

Tues., 3/1
Q: According to a recent survey of couples, this is the number one thing men do to irritate their wives. What is it?
A: Tickle them!

Mon., 2/28
Q: Pet owners have been known to do some crazy things for their little 'muffins'…turns out 5 percent of pet owners admit they've actually done this….what is it?
A: Set up a Facebook page for them!

Thurs., 2/24
Q: When it snows, most people say they enjoy sledding, skiing and building snowmen, but 23 percent of people say the love to do this activity. What is it?
A: Shovel snow!

Wed., 2/23
Q: Dating can be a tricky situation, so ladies listen up. Experts say if a happy boyfriend is what you are after, make sure he has one of these. What is it?
A: A sister!


Tues., 2/22
Q: Back-seat probably already know this but 42 percent of guys say they never bother to do this when driving! What is it?
A: Come to a complete stop at a stop sign!

Mon., 2/21
Q: There's a lot of things guys don't even think twice fact it turns out only 23% of  single guys say they do this once a month! What is it?
A: Clean their bathroom!

Fri., 2/18
Q: Nearly 3 out of 4 women recently surveyed say doing this on TV would be the ultimate thrill for them! What is it?
A: Become a soap opera star!

Thurs., 2/17
Q: A recent survey of nudist colony enthusiasts found this to be the most popular thing to do...and it's NOT what you think! What is it?
A: Play volleyball!

Wed., 2/16
Q: Even though your boss might give you the evil eye for doing this...turns out 60 percent of workers recently surveyed say they've caught their boss doing this at work. What is it?
A: Playing computer games

Tues, 2/15
Q: Listen up single guys, a recent survey shows 9 out of 10 women say they never date a guy who wears this. What is it?
CLUE: usually only looks good on a rock star
A: Leather pants!

Mon., 2/14
Q: When it comes to saying I LOVE YOU. Turns out over a third of people admit they did it this way. What is it?
A: Text message!

Fri., 2/11
Q: According to a recent survey, this is the most annoying thing your husband or wife can say at the beginning of a cell phone conversation. What is it?
A: Where are you?

Thurs., 2/10
Q: With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you might be going out on a first date with someone. A recent survey shows when it comes time to end a particularly bad date, 8 percent of people said they would actually do this. What is it?
A: Fake an important call and leave!

Wed., 2/9
Q: Seems we are constantly telling our kids to do this or not do that. Turns out this is the number one thing we instruct our kids to do. What is it?
A: Close the door!

Tues., 2/8
Q: Feeling a bit sluggish? Believe it or not, doing THIS during the middle of the day will  boost your energy by 30 percent. What is it?
A: Brushing your teeth!

Mon., 2/7
Q: Believe it or not...a recent survey shows 44% of married men think doing THIS with their wives strengthens their relationship...where only a third of married women agree...what is it?
A: Home improvement projects!

Fri., 2/4
Q: Superbowl Sunday right around the corner...turns out we will do this one thing FIVE times more than usual...what is it?  CLUE:  its what you’ll do if your buddy is watching the game somewhere else
A: Send text messages!
Thurs., 2/3
Q: Although these can be very expensive and nice to look at, most men usually don't notice them at all...What are they?
A: Women's shoes!

Wed., 2/2
Q: According to Cosmopolitan Magazine...even though they'll do it anyway, 60% of women say they are not comfortable doing THIS in front of their boyfriend or even husband...what is it?
A: Eating a meal!

Tues., 2/1
Q: According to a recent study, these have almost 40 times more germs than a public toilet seat...
A: Elevator buttons!

Mon., 1/31
Q: As we give away trips to Las Vegas...keep this in experts say this is the number one thing a groom should not bring on his honeymoon...what is it?
A: His laptop computer!

Fri., 1/28
Q: Ladies...typically you'll check this 3 times per only check it, maybe, one time per MONTH...what is it?
A: Horoscope!

Thurs., 1/27
Q: According to recent research, the average one of these is used about 2000 times before you toss it, lose it or break it...chances are you're holding one right now...what is it?
A: A coffee mug!

Wed., 1/26
Q: We all know weddings can be extremely now there's a new trend to have a wedding in this unusual place...(its generally available and beautifully decorated)
A: A funeral home!

Tues., 1/25
Q: A recent study finds that even if they're  just going to pick up the kids from school...6 out of ten women say they do this NO MATTER WHAT...
A: Put on make-up!

Mon., 1/24
Q: Chances are you've done this most of your life...since you were a kid...but a recent survey shows 12% of adults say doing this absolutely terrifies them...what is it?
A: Going to the dentist!

Fri., 1/21
Q: A recent survey shows we all own one of these...but 62% of us wouldn't want to be caught using matter what...what is it?
A: A bathing suit!

Thurs., 1/20
Q: There's a lot of strange things we might do in the it turns out, a recent survey shows 3 percent of Americans admit they regularly do this while taking a shower...what is it?
A: Bathe their pet!

Wed., 1/19
Q: Some people might consider this rude...but chances are you will do this at least five times today...what is it?
A: Yawn!

Tues., 1/18
Q: Here in Seattle, a recent study shows 3 out of 4 dog owners believe their pets can do this thing better than a paid professional ...what is it?
A: Forecast bad weather!

Mon., 1/17
Q: Even though we'd like to think otherwise...a new survey shows a THIRD of us say our lives would be miserable without this one thing we use everyday...what is it?
A: The Internet!

Fri., 1/14
Q: Even though guys think its funny...this is the number one weird thing men do that is a turn-off to women...what is it?
A: Tickling

Thurs., 1/13
Q: A recent survey found the number one most forgotten thing by adults is where they put their keys...what is the second?
A: What they went to the store for!

Wed., 1/12
Q: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Turns out most of women surveyed think beauty can be fact a third of them said they would give up vacations and new shoes to be able to afford this beauty practice...what is it?
A: Botox injections!

Tues., 1/11
Q: If you’re married  - or thinking about getting married -  a recent survey shows 1 in 5 couples say this is the best way to avoid arguments…what is it?
A: Having separate checking accounts!

Mon., 1/10
Q: Some people use this product everyday...and turns out the idea for it was based on the ballpoint pen more than 60 years ago...what is it?
A: Roll-on deodorant!

Fri., 1/7
Q: A recent survey shows, no matter how much a guy loves his girlfriend, 7 out of 10 say they would never be caught dead at one of these...what is it?
A: A bridal shower!

Thurs., 1/6
Q: A recent survey shows that 8 out of 10 women say they would skip going out to dinner...stop using their cell phone...even go without whoopie for a year...if their husbands would just do this...what is it?
A: Dress better!

Wed., 1/5
Q: If you are looking for work right now…keep this in mind…women benefit more in a job interview by doing THIS than a man…what is it?
A: Give a firm handshake!

Tues., 1/4
Q: Most NEW moms are super-concerned about sanitation in the home…but by the time their first child is a year old, 40 percent of mom’s say they follow this rule…
A: The 5 second rule!

Mon., 1/3
Q: When it comes to THIS piece of clothing, turns out 6 in 10 of us have this problem in common…what is it?
A: Underwear that doesn’t fit!