Home Carlson Clip: Seattle approves Indigenous People’s Day (Audio)
In a fitting example of political correctness, the Seattle city council votes unanimously to refer to Columbus Day as Indigenous People’s Day. KVI’s John Carlson examines the hoopla and sore arms that the Seattle political class has for patting itself on the back because of this vote.
Home Carlson Clip: Seattle’s PC rebuke of Columbus Day needs a history lesson (Audio)
KVI’s John Carlson tackles the politically correct effort by Seattle politicians to by-pass the name Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous People’s Day but Carlson cautions against the hasty change simply because some illogical liberals forsake historical context in an effort to advance their narrative that Caucasian men are inherently evil
Home Group protests closure of Issaquah school for at-risk teens Group protests closure of Issaquah school for at-risk teens (Video)
The Issaquah Public School Board will soon vote on whether to close an alternative high school for at-risk teens. The school district says they want to open a new school for students, but parents want to know what will happen to the students in the meantime.