Home CarlsonCast: Congressman Rick Larsen talks to John Carlson about normalizing US relations with Cuba and North Korea’s cyber-terror hacking threat on movie-goers (Audio)
KOMO and KVI host John Carlson interviews Rep. Rick Larsen who supports normalizing US relations with Cuba. They also discuss North Korea’s role in the Sony pictures cyber-terror threat and hacking attack related to the movie spoof “The Interview”.
Home Puyallup Jail camera controversy in hands of jury Puyallup Jail camera controversy in hands of jury (Video)
he Puyallup jail camera controversy has now gone to the jury. Last year 12 people -- mostly women -- argued their constitutional right to privacy was violated when jailhouse video captured them in some form of undress.
Home CarlsonCast: Taliban kill 126 in school children attack, former KVI host Bryan Suits responds to the bombing (Audio)
KVI’s John Carlson pays tribute to the Sydney, Australia hostage with Washington connections who may have saved fellow hostages when he confronted their captor but died after being shot in a confrontation that triggered police to storm the café where the stand-off had been taking place