Home Hidden smartphone setting maps your every move Hidden smartphone setting maps your every move(Video)
It's supposed to provide iPhone users the ability to see where they've been, but a hidden setting could also allow someone with access to the device see where the user has been and map their movements.
Home Texas woman’s frustration boils over after Pres. Obama’s Texas visit amid “border children” crisis(Audio)
KVI’s Lars Larson—subbing for John Carlson—provides a great over-view of President Barack Obama’s trip to Texas for a fundraiser as public reaction intensifies to the multitude of problems associated with the current “border children” illegal immigration wave gripping Texas and the Southwest United States
Home Once middle-class woman details picking up her welfare benefits in husband’s Mercedes-Benz(Audio)
John Carlson reads through a lengthy essay by a long-time TV news producer who writes a semi-confessional story about losing her job and being in a perfect storm of financial woes just as the 2008 sub-prime mortgage collapse hit but she and her husband kept driving their 2003 Mercedes while collecting welfare benefits