Home 'Hoodies for Hobos' raises eyebrows in Seattle 'Hoodies for Hobos' raises eyebrows in Seattle(Video)
Between Bust-A-Move and the "Sopranos" pinball machine, Brad Johnsen thinks about Street Fighter and life on the street. "We're successful and able to give back something," he said.
Home A first step in paying college athletes and reforming the NCAA(Audio)
NCAA men’s basketball tournament MVP from the University of Connecticut, Shabazz Napier, led his “Hungry Huskies” to the title over Kentucky 60-54, but Napier’s comments off the court about paying college athletes and student-athletes possibly organizing a labor union have really generated more attention on the billion-dollar business of college sports
Home CA family with two toddlers rescued from crippled sailboat 900-miles off Mexico coast by US Navy. (Audio)
Air National Guard medical dive teams parachuted into the Pacific Ocean to help treat the feverishly ill 1-year-old daughter of sailboat owners Eric and Charlotte Kaufman who had planned to sail around the world in their 36-foot-vessel but the daughter fell ill and the boat was damaged in rough waters
Home Don't dig into trouble - call 811 first Don't dig into trouble - call 811 first
Hitting a gas or electric line buried under your property can be extremely dangerous. That's why you are required – by law – to call before you dig a hole to plant a tree, install a fence or put in a lamppost.
Home Lawn and garden chemicals can be dangerous for pets Lawn and garden chemicals can be dangerous for pets
Springtime is when we start paying attention to our lawns and gardens again. That often means chemicals - fertilizers, herbicieds and pesticides - that can be dangerous to the family pets.