Home Carlson Clip: Bill Maher lambastes Islam (Audio)
HBO host Bill Maher voices his strongest criticism yet of Islam. KVI’s John Carlson and guest co-host from Behind the Headlines, Mark Hyman, analyze Maher’s assessment that ‘vast numbers of Muslim people’ have illiberal beliefs.
Home Carlson Clip: $15 minimum wage and Seattle restaurant’s $25 reservation fee (Audio)
KVI’s John Carlson examines the latest column by economist Thomas Sowell on the push for $15 minimum wage and the decision by a Seattle restaurant to “raise revenues” in the face of the looming $15 minimum wage law (which starts in April 2015) to institute a $25 per person reservation fee to compel patrons to not flake out on their decision to dine at a restaurant
Home Carlson Clip: $2 million bail for Kingston, WA teen’s threat to ‘shoot up’ school (Audio)
A report about a Kingston, WA teenager accused of planning a shooting rampage at his high school where he was recently expelled, spurs a dramatic phone call to KVI’s John Carlson about the struggles of one listener growing up without a dad, repeatedly breaking the law and addicted to alcohol.