Home Combat engineers at JBLM practice 'stress shooting' Combat engineers at JBLM practice 'stress shooting'(Video)
A U.S. Army combat engineering unit is going through the 'stress shoot' test at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The 100 members of the 571st Combat Engineer Company were all set to head to Afghanistan, but instead are staying home giving us an exclusive look at their preparation efforts.
Home Environmentalists cutting off their (proverbial) nose to spite their face about Keystone XL Pipeline(Audio)
Pursuing answers from Washington’s two Senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, KVI morning show substitute host Phil Vandervort hits a road block as he sorts out the pros and cons of building the politically divisive oil pipeline through the mid-west between Canada and eastern Texas.
Home Female teacher pleads not guilty to new sex charge Female teacher pleads not guilty to new sex charge(Video)
A former Tacoma high school teacher pleaded not guilty to a new sex charge against her. In another new development Meredith Powell nearly was cited for contempt by posting a 'thank you' to a student's Facebook page.
Home 'Hoodies for Hobos' raises eyebrows in Seattle 'Hoodies for Hobos' raises eyebrows in Seattle(Video)
Between Bust-A-Move and the "Sopranos" pinball machine, Brad Johnsen thinks about Street Fighter and life on the street. "We're successful and able to give back something," he said.
Home A first step in paying college athletes and reforming the NCAA(Audio)
NCAA men’s basketball tournament MVP from the University of Connecticut, Shabazz Napier, led his “Hungry Huskies” to the title over Kentucky 60-54, but Napier’s comments off the court about paying college athletes and student-athletes possibly organizing a labor union have really generated more attention on the billion-dollar business of college sports