Carlson Commentary: What is an assault rifle?

The US Senate is considering a bill to ban 150 types of weapons, including the AR-15, America's most popular rifle, which is called a "Military style assault weapon". 
What exactly is a Military Style Assault Weapon?  The key word here is "style".  The AR- 15, is basically a hunting rifle that looks like a military weapon, but doesn't function like one.  It's a replica.  Real automatic military assault weapons can't be sold to the public. 
But hasn't the AR-15 been used in several mass murders?  Yes, sometimes the killer used an assault weapon, and sometimes, like Virginia Tech and the the Gabby Giffords shooting, he used a pistol.  High-powered hunting rifles have also been used. 
Banning the AR-15 would literally mean banning a weapon for appearances sake.  Not exactly an enlightened way to solve the problem of random mass murder..