Portland neighbors fed up with porn magazines

Portland neighbors fed up with porn magazines

PORTLAND, Ore. - At first glance, it looks like any other neighborhood, with kids riding their bikes, and a church on the corner.

But neighbors say lately there's something that just doesn't fit.

Angry neighbors like Steve Grogan say they've spotted them on their car windshields, lying on the street, even in their mailboxes. There are dozens of Exotic magazines promoting strip clubs all across Portland.

No one knows who's passing them out, but many suspect the two strip clubs across the street.

But Johnny Diablo, who owns the Black Cauldron, says he's not to blame.

"The magazines have all the strip clubs in Portland. There's no benefit for us to go around promoting all the clubs," Diablo said.

Diablo says he's handed out business cards to promote his club, but wouldn't pass out anything with nudity and definitely wouldn't promote other clubs.

"Neither I or any of our employees as far as I know have handed out a magazine," he said. "We don't print them up. They are free, customers can take them at will.