Growing marijuana industry just might have a job for you

Growing marijuana industry just might have a job for you »Play Video
SEATAC, Wash. -- Calling all chemists, cooks and accountants -- the growing marijuana industry might have a job for you.

Angel Swanson is interviewing cannabis candidates. The Tacoma entrepreneur, who owns two medical marijuana dispensaries, just opened an employment agency to place people in pot jobs.

"Our website crashed from all the people trying to submit applications," she asid.

She's already received 250 applications.

"We've had architects, we've had bankers, we've had CPAs, drivers, we've had bakers..." she said.

Swanson says dispensaries and future recreational pot stores will need everything from botanists to security. Swanson started Green Staffing Solutions after realizing women and minorities were steering clear of opportunities with the budding pot industry.

"We tend to steer away from things that are really controversial because when things go south... if things go bad, normally the punishment for us in our view is that it's worse," Swanson said.

Her daughter works in the field and dispenses creams, cookies, buds, and broths to patients but is worried about applying.

"I really am interested in applying in other dispensaries and in jobs in hospitals," said Lauren Smith. "But I'm worried that they will discriminate against me for working in cannabis."

Swanson says you don't have to touch cannabis for Green Solutions to place you, but you do undergo background checks and drug tests.

"For the heavy stuff -- meth, heroine, things like that -- we get the testing back," Swanson said.

When Green Solutions drug tests cannabis job candidates, they will not test for THC.

Because Swanson owns dispensaries herself, she has candidates sign non-disclosures for jobs assigned. That way employers who use her services feel secure that their trade secrets won't slip out to competition.