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Home A soldier needs to hear from you A soldier needs to hear from you
They are fathers and mothers…husbands, wives, brothers and sisters. Most important, they are heroes, often oceans apart from those who love them most. They are the men and women of the military, courageous and committed. The depth of their sacrifice cannot be measured.

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Home Tax day freebies Tax day freebies
Tuesday is Tax Day and a number of companies – especially restaurants – will celebrate by offering Tax Day Freebies. Here are just a few of the many offers collected by DealNews.com:
Home According to poll results, Pres. Obama should save his gas money for Air Force 1 visit to Oso mudslide(Audio)
John Carlson discovers an internet poll question that says 81% believe Pres. Obama should simply donate the money it would cost to fly him and Secret Service on Air Force One to Everett and give that money to the Oso mudslide relief instead of coming to Oso, WA next week, April 22nd.