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Home Pres. Obama’s Bellevue fundraising visit comes at worst possible time for Seattle-area drivers(Audio)
John Carlson riffs on the unfortunate timing of President Obama’s two big fat cat fundraisers in Bellevue's Hunt’s Point and Medina neighborhoods later today and the expected traffic chaos its expected to bring as I-90 construction is down to one lane between Bellevue and Mercer Island.
Home Mexican billionaire urges a 3-day work week(Audio)
John Carlson and KVI listeners conduct an extensive discussion about the suggestion by Mexican telecommunications billionaire, Carlos Slim, that most workers should enjoy more time off when they’re younger and work a 3 or 4-day week.
Home Advocates want warning labels for pot-infused edibles Advocates want warning labels for pot-infused edibles(Video)
With marijuana officially legal and available to all Washington adults, there is now a growing call for the marijuana industry to do more to warn people about what's actually in the edible pot-infused products they're buying.