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Home CarlsonCast: Seattle QB legend Jim Zorn takes Tom Brady’s side in ‘Deflate-gate’ and Gov. Inslee’s new plan for a two-tiered driver’s license system in WA (Audio)
Deflate-gate Day 5! KVI’s John Carlson interviews Seahawks’ Ring of Honor QB (and longtime NFL assistant & head coach), Jim Zorn, who explains the football chain of custody in the NFL and why he tends to believe Tom Brady’s explanation of not knowing how the footballs were deflated during the AFC title game
Home CarlsonCast: Even die-hard Bostonians angry over NFL "Deflate-gate", plus newly discovered problems with Gov. Inslee carbon pollution plan (Audio)
KVI's John Carlson digs into the "Deflate-gate" scandal with a Boston sportswriter who says the Patriots are ruining their legacy with these cheating scandals. Also, it appears police officer Darrin Wilson will face no federal civil rights charges for Michael Brown's shooting death.
Home Packers fans left stunned after Seahawks rally Packers fans left stunned after Seahawks rally
Green Bay Packers fans who cheered their team on from Seattle were left stunned Sunday after the Seahawks come-from-behind win in the NFC Championship.