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Home A soldier needs to hear from you A soldier needs to hear from you
They are fathers and mothers…husbands, wives, brothers and sisters. Most important, they are heroes, often oceans apart from those who love them most. They are the men and women of the military, courageous and committed. The depth of their sacrifice cannot be measured.
Home Racism rears its ugly head in $15 minimum wage debate Racism rears its ugly head in $15 minimum wage debate(Audio)
$15 minimum wage advocate and King County councilman, Larry Gossett, joined John Carlson to discuss the 61% minimum wage increase proposed for Seattle and proceeded to blame the high unemployment stats for teenagers and young people of color on a variety of factors, most notably racism.
Home Analyst Ralph Peters on latest pro-Russia clashes in Eastern Ukraine(Audio)
Author and Fox News strategic analyst, Ralph Peters joins John Carlson for the latest reaction to the continuing conflict in Eastern Ukraine with masked and unidentified pro-Russian forces as well as the shocking violence in Nigeria by the Muslim group Boko Haram enforcing strict Islamic law and targeting non-Muslims